*MX10 E

MX10 E ground plan
MX10 E ground plan
MX10 E product photo
MX10 E ground plan
MX10 E electrically equipped storage container

  • Suitable for shipping and warehouse purposes
  • Wind and water tight
  • Floor: Height: 170 mm (± 5 mm, measured to internal floor level)
  • Door: centrally opening double door, with externally lockable bar lock assembly
  • Strong steel structure
  • Fitted with forklift pocket

Electrical facilities:
  • 1 pc 400 V / 5-pole 3 x 32 A external connection according to CEE norms
  • 1 pc fuse-box with RCD and circuit breaker
  • 1 pc bulkhead lamp with grid and 60 W bulb
  • 1 pc light switch
  • 1 pc 230 V plug
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