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Fuel container rental
Fuel container rental
MF 10 ground plan
Fuel container photo
Fuel container rental
  • Container-based petrol station with equipment for storing and serving diesel oil
  • State-of-the-art equipment and technology
  • Simple handling and operation
Rent petrol station containers from Mobilbox! 
These container-based petrol stations include the complete equipment and technology. The unit features state-of-the-art equipment and simple operation.
Who is recommended to rent a petrol station container?
  • Who has a fleet of several vehicles
  • Who is in search of a cost-efficient solution
  • Who is looking for a petrol station that is easy to install and relocate
  • Who is interested in a short-term solution
Why is it Mobilbox to turn to when renting a petrol station container?
  • Quick quotation
  • Flexible adjustment to customer demands
  • Customised payment schemes
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Petrol station containers for renttype-specific properties and sizes
MF 10 ground plan
MF 10 ground plan
MF10 product photo
MF 10 ground plan
ÜMF10 fuel-station container 

  • The MF 10 type fuel-station container is suitable for storing and dispensing diesel fuel. Its 10 m3 cylindrical steel storage tank, together with the pump and all the other fittings for emptying the tank are built into a specially designed and manufactured steel-framed 20′ container. Fuel is dispensed through a safety shut-off valve (fuelling nozzle). The tank is filled using the high-performance pump on the tanker truck.
  • 20′ size
  • net capacity: 10,0 m3
Other types:
Type Container dimensions Net capacity
MF 05 10'   4,9 m3
MF 10 20' 10,0 m3
MF 30 40' 30,0 m3
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External dimensions
Internal dimensions
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