Technological container for sale

Control unit in container
Control unit in container
Transformer station in container
Instrument cabin on sled base
Sprinkler container external view
Sprinkler container internal view
Control unit in container
  • The container can be installed with the desired technology under the optimum workshop conditions
  • It affords excellent protection for the given technology
  • It ensures appropriate operating conditions
  • It makes the technology easily transportable and mobile
  • Dimensions and design as requested
Technological containers for sale at Mobilbox 
Containers that are suitable for accommodating and transporting various industrial equipment, machines, boilers, electric switchboards. Dimensions as individually requested, in insulated and uninsulated versions, with reinforced wooden or anti-skid metal floors, air-conditioning and heating installations, breakthrough points in line with the associates technological specifications on the roof, sidewalls and floor.
Who is recommended to buy a technological container?
  • Who wants to install the desired technology under the optimum workshop conditions
  • Who intends to guarantee excellent protection for the technology
  • Who wants to provide for appropriate operating conditions
  • Who would like to make its technology easily transportable and mobile
  • Who is for an individually dimensioned and designed container
Examples for the units to be installed in the container:
  • Transformer station
  • Sprinkler system
  • Gas compressor
  • Switchboards for various industrial applications
  • Pellet or has boiler
Why is it Mobilbox to turn to when purchasing a technological container?
  • Quick quotation
  • Satisfaction of special technological requirements
  • Customised payment schemes
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