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Container shelves


Shelving system recommended for storage containers. An innovative solution due to the versatility, ergonomics and the possibility of storing a variety of media. Benefits:

  • solid and functional design
  • the possibility to apply to many types of stored load, both in terms of weight and size
  • rapid change in the required configuration
  • fast and simple installation – 15min
  • precise construction
  • mounting adapted to the structure of sea container
  • high load capacity


The product offered by us are shelving racks with a high strength, which successfully accommodate and bear a high load of goods, but also all kinds of tools, parts, cans of paints, lacquers, hoses, cables, pipes and any other articles. Each metal shelving rack offered by us has a very high load capacity per shelf is in the range from 60kg to 800kg. The structure of the racks allows for their serial connection. This creates the possibility of their almost unlimited exploitation as a space for storing a variety of materials.