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Dressing containers for rent

  • quickly installable mobile changing rooms
  • in tailor-made designs
  • with the option to rent changing room furniture


Rent professional dressing containers from Mobilbox!


Choose Mobilbox containers when you need a comfortable and sophisticated changing room that is quick to install. To our dressing containers, several accessories (wardrobes, benches, air-conditioners, etc.) are also available for rent.

Who is recommended to rent a dressing container?

  • Who needs a changing room, which can be quickly implemented
  • Who search a convenient and sophisticated solution
  • Who considers cost-efficiency as an important aspect
  • Who prefers modules that are easily adjustable to a fluctuating headcount
  • Who needs changing rooms only for short terms

Why is it Mobilbox to turn to when renting a dressing container?

  • Quick quotation
  • Flexible adjustment to customer demands
  • Customised payment schemes

Dressing container for renttype-specific properties and sizes



  • Easy to locate and mobilize
  • Variable panel structure
  • Container frame: painted steel construction
  • Walls:
    • external: profiled steel sheet
    • internal: chipboard
  • 1 pc outer door: 875 x 2.000 mm
  • 2 pcs white PVC windows: 900 x 1.200 mm, tilt and turn mechanism, thermal insulated, with roller blinds
  • Colours:
    • container frame: fiery red (RAL 3000)
    • walls external: light grey (RAL 7035)
    • walls internal: light wood or white
    • floor: light grey PVC


  • Floor: 60/100 mm – mineral wool
  • Walls: 60 mm – mineral wool
  • Roof: 100 mm – mineral wool

Electrical facilities:

  • 1 pc 400 V / 5-pole 3 x 32 A external connection according to CEE norms, sunken in the roof frame, connectable
  • 1 pc fuse-box with RCD and circuit breaker
  • 1 pc light switch
  • 2 pcs 2 x 36 Watt fluorescent lamps
  • 3 pcs 230 V plugs

Upon special orders:

  • External painting in any RAL color
  • Customized dimensions and designs

Schedule of dimensions


For the container and accessory prices, please complete this inquiry form!

Our services

  • container rental
  • container sales
  • container leasing
  • consultancy
  • container design
  • container manufacturing
  • container installation (craning, assembly)
  • container transportation
  • container maintenance
  • satisfaction of special demands
  • sales of container parts
  • seal salessprzedaż plomb

Field of the application of our office containers

  • project office
  • managerial office
  • changing room
  • smoking room
  • accommodation
  • warm shelter
  • workshop
  • reception, guarding post
  • point of sales, selling space