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Cold storage containers for sale

  • Suitable for the storage of fresh and frozen, palletised goods
  • Automatic maintenance of temperatures between -25,0 °C and +25,0 °C
  • Power-saving Daikin cooling unit
  • Power-saving Daikin cooling unit
  • Internal lighting
  • Internal lighting
  • Heat stopper, sliding plastic strip curtain
  • Movable ramp

Cold storage container sales at Mobilbox

Mobilbox cold storage containers are the ideal choice for the storage of large-volume palletised, frozen goods with appropriate protection against freezing, or keeping products at pre-specified temperatures. Cold storage containers are offered in 20′ and 40′ sizes, as well.

Who is recommended to buy a cold storage container?


  • Who is under the pressure to find a quick solution
  • Who considers reliable operation as an important aspect
  • Who attributes significance to energy-saving


Why is it Mobilbox to turn to when purchasing a cold storage container?


  • Flexible adjustment to customer demands
  • Customised payment schemes
  • Quick quotation

Cold storage containers for saletype-specific properties and sizes


MR20 refrigerated container

Technical data:
  • Suitable for storing fresh and frozen palette goods
  • Automatically holds temperatures within a range of -25,0 °C and +25,0 °C
  • Energy-efficient Daikin cooling unit
  • Digital data storage  
  • 230 V connection for the lightning
  • 400 V connection for the cooling unit
  • Full capacity current requirements: 3 x 32 Ampere    
  • Maximum consumption: 13,5 kW
  • Internal lighting  
  • Panic lock
  • Heat-sealing, retractable plastic strip curtain  
  • Movable ramp  
  • Maximum load: 20.740 kg (20′)

Schedule of dimensions


For inquiries, pricing and questions,
please contact us using our inquiry form below.

Our services

  • container rental
  • container sales
  • container leasing
  • consultancy
  • container design
  • container manufacturing
  • container installation (craning, assembly)
  • container transportation
  • container maintenance
  • satisfaction of special demands
  • sales of container parts
  • seal salessprzedaż plomb

Field of the application of our office containers

  • project office
  • managerial office
  • changing room
  • smoking room
  • accommodation
  • warm shelter
  • workshop
  • reception, guarding post
  • point of sales, selling space