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Sanitary containers for sale

  • Combined shower and WC containers
  • Separate shower and WC containers
  • Double toilet facility (duo WC)

Sanitary container sales at Mobilbox!

Buying Mobilbox sanitary containers is an ideal option when providing for social services at events, construction sites, campsites, mobilisation areas. A great advantage of the solution is that it can be installed in areas not developed with sewerage facilities. They can be ordered as separate shower and WC containers, or in combination of the two functions, in integrated design, yet with varied dimensions.

Who is recommended to buy a sanitary container?

  • Who is in search of a sophisticated solution for social services at events, construction sites, mobilisation areas
  • Who wants to install WC or shower units in areas not developed with sewerage facilities
  • Who intends to serve campsites with sanitary facilities
  • Who is building a social block for dressing, office or living containers

Why is it Mobilbox to turn to when purchasing a sanitary container?

  • Quick quotation
  • Flexible adjustment to customer demands
  • Customised payment schemes

Sanitary containers for saletype-specific properties and sizes


MW20 WC container

Basic equipment:

  • 1 pc outer door: 875 x 2.000 mm
  • 4 pcs white PVC tilt windows: 674 x 574 mm, with thermal insulated frosted glass
  • 6 pcs WC cabins, doors with WC lock
  • 6 pcs ceramic flush toilets, with toilet tank, toilet roll holder
  • 2 pcs twin-tap acrylic sinks with cold-water tap, mirror, PVC shelf, soap holder and towel holder
  • 2 pcs pissoirs
  • 2 pcs modesty walls

Electrical facilities:

  • 1 pc 400 V / 5-pole 3 x 32 A external connection according to CEE norms, sunken in the roof frame, connectable
  • 1 pc fuse-box with RCD and circuit breaker
  • 2 pcs 1 x 36 Watt fluorescent lamps
  • 1 pc light switch
  • 2 pcs 230 V plugs
  • 1 pc 2,0 kW electric heater

Schedule of dimensions



For the container and accessory prices, please complete this inquiry form!

Our services

  • container rental
  • container sales
  • container leasing
  • consultancy
  • container design
  • container manufacturing
  • container installation (craning, assembly)
  • container transportation
  • container maintenance
  • satisfaction of special demands
  • sales of container parts
  • seal salessprzedaż plomb

Field of the application of our office containers

  • project office
  • managerial office
  • changing room
  • smoking room
  • accommodation
  • warm shelter
  • workshop
  • reception, guarding post
  • point of sales, selling space